Meet my Unu

Hi everybody! It has been a few weeks since I posted in my blog. Sorry guys but I have been busy with my research paper. As you all know, months from now I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree and I really need to focus my time and effort for this big chapter in my life. I am actually excited to graduate and my mother has given me a wonderful gift!

Everybody, meet my electric scooter, Unu! My electric scooter came from Unu Motors, a company in The Netherlands. My mother told me that when she went to The Netherlands for a few weeks, she immediately though that the electric scooter, or elektrische scooter as they call it there, will definitely fit for me and my lifestyle.

She immediately purchased a black one and have it shipped here in my dormitory. I was so elated when I saw it in my front door! I mean, this will definitely help me a lot. Imagine the relief i will have because I no longer have to hail cabs or wait for my turn in the line to ride a car. It was amazing how the vehicle is electric ran. Meaning, I do not need to go to the gas station. I just need to recharge it and voila, I am ready to go again.

This shall bring me to place, I know! My mother really knows what I wanted. And speaking of gifts, my sister Karen saw this too and she want one too! However, mother believes she still does not need it for her as she is still too young to drive an Unu Motors.




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