Photography as an art

I really do believe that this is the kind of thing that everybody can use in their own way. There’s no used to be a brat or a snob about who does what with what period just because somebody doesn’t practice Photography in the way that I think they should be practicing photography, does not mean that the way that they practice photography is invalid. These filters can dress up almost any photo, but sometimes it’s just a matter of putting makeup on a pig. If you want to put makeup on your pig, that’s fine. However, what I’m interested in is using mobile filters, and mobile devices, to create photography that is actually valid, interesting, and that has integrity. That’s it. I am very interested in photographic Integrity being maintained even though it is becoming easier and easier to take a good photo. What should happen then, is that the definition of a good photo should shift, so that we get used to high quality. The higher the standards, the better the exceptionalism within photography will be. If everybody can take a pretty good photo, that means that those who want to really stand out will need to take amazing photos. What today is only an okay photo, years ago may have been considered an amazing photo just because of the amount of technological progress that has been made. However, in a world where yesterday’s amazing photo is today’s okay photo, that means that today’s amazing photo is going to be pretty darn good. Not to mention, I should also say, that I am not a professional photographer, I am just somebody who takes photography seriously, and I’m hoping that one day my abilities will make it so that I can earn a small portion, at least, of my income from my artistic photography. Until then, however, I am fine with this being a creative hobby.


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