The thing with Amazon Prime Canada

This is happening of course because Amazon is expanding in ways that are basically unprecedented in our society. Is it something to be freaked out about? I don’t think so. Amazon has proved themselves to be a pretty responsible company, I think what bothers me about it though it’s just that they also don’t treat their lowest tier of employees super well, in fact is quite exploitive, but the thing is that that’s what happens in our society. You can’t really blame Amazon Prime for being unethical to its workers when the system is rigged in a way that the only way you can really be successful is if you’re unethical towards your workers, and the workers put up with it. I mean, I don’t think this is the case in all of the Amazon warehouses, but I did see a documentary that said that they did it sometimes, especially down at think near the border in the United States where there are a lot of immigrant workers from Mexico, who don’t really get treated super well. So that’s my complaint with Amazon, I don’t really understand complaining about the price we pay– lots of people whine “how much is amazon prime canada” “too much!” I disagree with this. I worry about the human rights of some of their workers, though.


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